Current Graduate Students




Areas of Interest

Chris Adamson 3rd Victorian literature, poetry, religion
Emily Banks 2nd 20th-21st century poetry, gender and sexuality studies
Jenny Bledsoe Jenny Bledsoe 5th Medieval literature, religion and literature, gender and sexuality, manuscript studies, history of spirituality, hagiography and devotional literature
Tesla Cariani 3rd

20th-21st century American literature, literature and music

Sumita Chakraborty Sumita Chakraborty 6th

Transatlantic lyric poetry after 1850; poetics; ecologies; poetry and the other arts; cultural and media studies; critical theory.

chitwood Bryan Chitwood 7th Twentieth-century and contemporary poetry and poetics
J. Laurence Cohen J. Laurence Cohen 5th 19th-20th century American literature, African American literature, the novel, religion, representations of preachers
Derrick Cohens Derrick D. Cohens 9th Twentieth-Century African American Literature; Queer of Color Critique; Childhood Studies 
Alyssa Duck Alyssa Duck 4th Feminist theory & sexuality studies, 20th century American & British literature, women's poetry & poetics, gendered sociolinguistics, and literatures of the Jewish diaspora
Shanna Early 6th
Olivia Eljaiek-Hendricks 4th
Madison Elkins Madison Elkins 4th Modernism and postmodernism, 20th-century American fiction, self-reflexive fiction, narratology, photography in literature
Asha French 9th 20th Century African American, Visual Studies
goergen Corey Goergen 6th
18th Century British Literature, Romantic Poetry, Disability Studies, Addiction
goldsman Aaron Goldsman 7th 20th-century American poetry, Queer theory
Graham Aaron Graham 5th Creative Writing: Poetry T.S. Eliot, 20th C British Lit, Poetics Trauma Studies, Hopkins,  Post-Colonial Arabic Language Poetry, Human Intelligence , Security Studies & Intelligence analysis
Lindsey Grubbs Lindsey Grubbs 5th 19th and 20th-century American literature, disability studies, bioethics
Wenwen Guo 5th late 19th- and 20th-century British and American literature
Sarah Harsh Sarah Harsh 5th Irish studies, contemporary women's writing, transnational modernism
Lauren Highsmith 3rd African American literature, literature and music
iasiello Stephanie Iasiello 6th African diaspora and Postcolonial Literature
jones-pierce Bellee Jones-Pierce 8th Medieval and early modern literature
Rachel Kolb Rachel Kolb 3rd 20th-21st century American Literature, disability studies
Connor Larsen 2nd
Stephanie Larson Stephanie Larson 4th

20th century American literature, disability studies, literature of the American South, William Faulkner, medical humanities, animal studies, film studies

Mike Lehman 3rd Post-colonial literature, critical theory
Amy Li Amy Li 4th Science fiction and speculative fiction; gender and sexuality; feminist theory; posthumanism; cultural studies
Jess Libow Jess Libow 2nd
Aruni Mahapatra Aruni Mahapatra 4th

Book history, Victorian literature, critical theory, history of literature, Marxism, visual and material cultures

Rebecca McGlynn Rebecca McGlynn 4th

Irish literature and cultural studies, contemporary Irish women's writing, post-colonial studies

Nicole Morris Nicole Morris 6th Literatures of the African Diaspora; Modernism; Theories of Creolization; Literatures of the Global South; Gullah/Geechee Cultures
newman Adam P. Newman 7th Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century American Literature, African-American Literature, Disability Studies
Ieva Padgett 8th Southern literature, comparative regionalism, globalization
Mixon Robinson 6th
Justin Shaw Justin Shaw 4th

Early Modern Literature, Shakespeare, Disability Theory, Race and Ethnic Studies, Travel Literature, Digital Scholarship

slavin Molly Slavin 6th 20th-century British lit, post-colonial lit 
Marlo Starr Marlo Starr 5th 20th-century transnational literature, postcolonial studies, gender, identity and belonging
Palak Taneja Palak Taneja 4th

Postcolonial theory and literature, partition literature of India and Pakistan, subaltern studies, gerontology, folk literature of Punjab

Julian Whitney 6th
worthy Jimmy Worthy 6th African American Literature, Religion, History, Gender Studies, Psychology