Lauren Highsmith


Ph.D. in English; Emory University; 2020 (Expected); B.A. in English Arts, Honors College with Minors in Music and Leadership Studies, Hampton University, 2014/2015


My research explores issues, concepts, and phenomena of (Black) (popular) American culture; intersections between literature and music; ethics; and anachronistic readings of (African) American literature. I am interested in understanding and teaching music as a type of text. I am also intrigued by the ideas of deconstructing popular music; analyzing modern and postmodern spaces of communication; trauma and its effects on the Black community, as well as double-consciousness and its presence in music, performance, and media.


Highsmith, Lauren V. “Bloodlines: The Significance of Blood in the Battle Royal.” The Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Journal, 2014, pp. 37-39.



I am an alumna of Hampton University. I am a performing musician.