Support the Correspondence of Samuel Beckett Project at Emory

The Location Register of the Letters of Samuel Beckett in Public Archives identifies the documentary details of Beckett’s Letters, so students and scholars can consult these documents efficiently. The Interactive Index Project (Chercher) provides serchable data from these letters so students and scholars can pursuit unique new research. As open-access websites, these projects increase knowledge of and access to Beckett’s letters: his own words about his work.

Your support is needed now to provide a financial base for the Advisory Board Team to maintain Chercher and bring new letters into the metadata as they become available in public archives.


Gifts can be made online here.

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For more information about supporting the project, please contact Lois Overbeck by email or phone ( or 404-727-6840), or Philip Brooks, Lead Director of Development ( or 678-801-5909).