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Domain of One's Own

This year, 600 or more students may find themselves enrolled in 30 classes participating in the pilot Domain of One's Own at Emory. The program offers a unique opportunity to register their own personal web domain as a digital portfolio of especially innovative coursework. Participating classes will be at all levels from first-year composition to graduate school. No prior experience with web design or digital authoring is required for successful completion of course work.

“[Most campus digital publication] is premised upon an individual's enrollment in a university or college, and when they leave that school this space will often disappear. [What] if we actually purchased everyone on campus a domain for one year and framed the experience in such a way that all students, staff, and professors were able to easily set up and control their online identity through their own domain? The key here is the crafting of an identity with a purpose, the conscious consideration and creation of one's professional/academic identity online: a domain of one’s own!All classes associated with Domain of One’s Own will assign at least one unique multimedia composing project designed for web publication. You can see the faculty teaching these classes, their syllabi, and their unique assignments at the participant index.

Students often use these portfolios as evidence of ability, values and innovation in applying for employment or graduate school. Outside of coursework, students often use their Domain-related skills to digitally publish service projects, creative expression, tributes, travelogues, citizen journalism and so on.

Participating classes will provide direct instruction in digital publishing. The college Writing Program provides extensive documentation, 24/7 support for faculty, and one-on-one tutoring support for every individual student participating in the program.

We are planning a Domain incubator in the Spring and will assess strategies for scaling up the initiative in 2014-2015. Interested faculty at Emory or elsewhere should contact the Emory College Writing Program and David Morgen, Project Manager for Domain.

This initiative has already been successfully piloted by Jim Groom and Tim Owens at the University of Mary Washington, where the project is being rolled out to all entering students this year. It is also similar to such digital-portfolio initiatives as the one to which Auburn University has committed. Emory’s initiative is being led by experienced faculty who have been doing this work since 1997, and one special dimension of the Emory effort is that it is being driven by innovative curriculum, especially problem- and project- based learning by discovery.

Domain of One's Own Documentation

Documentation for Faculty

Documentation for Students

Domain of One's Own Orientation

Domain of One's Own Pilot Orientation (Slideshare link)

Domain of One's Own Pilot Program

Participating teachers, grad students, and support staff for the 2013-2014 school year

Invitation to submit a proposal for Domain of One's Own.