Getting Started

After you declare your major, you will be assigned an adviser with whom you should work closely in planning your program. If you would like to request a particular adviser, you should inform the academic degree program coordinator when you declare your major. Requests are honored in the order they are received so long as they do not result in overloading any individual adviser.

Your adviser's role is not simply to approve your course schedule, but to help you to make the best choices for you and to assist you in working out difficulties, a job which requires your involvement and cooperation. It is your responsibility to make pre-registration appointments with your adviser, and to keep him or her apprised of your progress. If you have worked out a tentative program and thought about problems or alternative possibilities beforehand, your sessions together will be much more beneficial. You may also find that your adviser can give you more time if you make appointments at times other than the preregistration rush.

Course requirements do not need to be fulfilled in any set order, but students are strongly encouraged to take English 205, which is required of all majors, early in their English Studies, as it is designed to prepare students for work in more advanced courses. Majors should also consider taking survey courses that interest them, such as 250, 251, 255, and 256, earlier in their studies as these courses give an overview of American and British literary history that can serve as a foundation to more specialized upper-level courses.  (The surveys mentioned all fulfill Emory General Education Requirements, as do several of our upper-level courses. Additionally, almost all 300- and 400-level English courses fulfill Emory¿s post-freshman writing requirement.)