English for Non-Majors

English Department courses are open to all Emory undergraduates. Students majoring in other departments who wish to experience English Literature in depth should consider the English Minor.

Other options than the major or minor are available to students as well. You can read more about these below.

Freshman who need to fulfill the freshman writing requirement may take either English 101 or English 181. Both are writing-intensive courses that give students an opportunity to develop writing skills, but English 181 focuses specifically on writing about literature. Freshman who enjoy literature or are thinking about becoming an English Major may find this course especially useful.

Introductory offerings that are good for majors and non-majors alike include survey courses which provide a broad historical view of American literature and its intellectual and cultural backgrounds (250, 251) and British Literature and its intellectual and cultural backgrounds (255, 256).   Other general surveys offered by the department include courses giving a broad historical view of the development of drama and the theater (215, 216) and an introduction to Irish Studies.

English 205 "Introduction to Poetry" is a required course for the Major and Minor and is thus primarily designed for students who are considering an English Major or Minor or who have already declared their interest in English. In an effort to ensure spaces in this (small) class are available to all majors and would-be majors, the Department staggers enrollment so as to give priority to juniors, sophomores, and first-year students during registration.

The department's upper-level courses (300-level) are primarily designed for upper-classmen who are English majors or minors, but they are open to other students, including qualified freshmen. Many of these courses fulfill Emory's post-freshman writing requirement, and all students who are prepared to commit seriously to literary study are welcome even if they have not decided on an English major or minor.   Interested freshmen should consult with the professor teaching the course or the Director of Undergraduate Studies. These courses fall into several categories, but tend to be more focused in emphasis than the 200-level courses. They are often period courses, genre courses, courses in major writers, or courses focused on an important theme or issue in literary studies.

The department's 400-level courses are seminars designed for advanced English majors. These courses are not recommended for non-majors. If you have a special interest in one of them please consult with the professor of the course or the Director of Undergraduate Studies.