Independent Study

English 399 is designed to permit students to explore material not normally taught in courses or to undertake a project not provided for within the department's regular curriculum. Other options should be exhausted before considering an independent study. With the approval of the student's faculty adviser and the Director of Undergraduate Studies, any undergraduate, including non-majors, may, for this course, pursue a program of individual study leading usually to the writing of a paper or the production of a creative work. The amount of credit one may earn for independent study is variable, up to a maximum of 8 hours.   The department has deliberately refrained from specifying or limiting the content of 399 in order to give you the greatest freedom in choosing a project. Before you seriously consider enrolling for independent study, you should have a specific topic or purpose firmly in mind. You should then seek out a faculty adviser and consult with him or her about the value and feasibility of your proposal. You must have the approval of an adviser in order to pre-register for English 399. You and your adviser agree on the amount of credit to be earned. Once in the program, you should make a point of seeing your adviser regularly to avoid falling behind or becoming sidetracked.

Please note: A student who preregisters for English 399 must turn in a written statement of the proposed independent study project to the adviser and the Director of Undergraduate Studies. Any students wishing 399 to count for the post-freshman writing requirement must indicate how writing figures into their proposal and receive the approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies for the WR designation. The written proposal must be on file with the department before the student is considered registered for the course in a given semester.