Job Placement Resources

Each year, the department appoints one or two faculty members to serve as job placement officers. These faculty members guide students seeking academic positions through the search process by holding workshops, reviewing materials, and staging mock interviews. The links on this page provide some resources on the process and offer a starting point for those who will be "on the market" in coming years.

Overviews of the Job Search Process
A calendar of the job search process
The Unofficial Guide to the Job Market in English [PDF]
Job Listings
MLA ADE Homepage:   Members of our department are allowed access to the MLA Job Information List via the ADE Homepage through the MLA. Login and password will usually be distributed early in the fall semester. If you do not have the id and password and are a member of the department, please contact Jacque Aly.
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Advice on Materials for the Job Market
FAQs about CVs, Dossiers, Application Letters, Writing Samples, and Portfolios
Developing Your Philosophy of Teaching Statement
More dos and don'ts on Teaching Statements (Chronicle article)
Online job counseling page of the ADE
Reports on the Profession
The MLA Career and Job Market Information Page includes links to its recent surveys on the job market
The report of the MLA Committee on Professional Employment
LGS Resources
The Versatile PhD
Networking and Mentoring Programs