Aaron Graham


(2013). "By the Waters of the Susquehanna, I aid Down and Wept: The Trauma of Removal in Mary Rowlandson’s The Sovereignty and  Goodness of God," Criterion: A Journal of Literary Criticism: Vol. 6: Iss. 1, Article 7.

Poetry: Singles, Chapbooks, and Manuscripts:
(2016)  "Skyping From a Combat Zone was  shortlisted for Tupelo Press’ Sunken Garden Chapbook Poetry Prize.
(2016). Olfaction, Seven Hills Literary Journal and Penumbra Poetry Prize winner. 
(2016). Hometown Hero, Luminaire Award National Finalist.
(2016). Mythos/Deployment. Sequestrum New Writer Awards. 
(2016). Gethsemane. Cleaver Magazine.
(2016). Footfalls Sequestrum New Writer Awards.
(2016). Olfaction. Tethered by Letters 2016 Poetry Contest Finalist.
(2015). Blood Stripes. Finalist for Tupelo Press’s Berkshire Poetry Prize. 
(2015). PTSD Poem #12. SAND: Berlin’s Premiere Journal of Literary Arts.
((2015). The Situation on the Ground; The Tishman Review Vol. 2. No. 3. 
(2015). Ode to MRE No. 8. Finalist Tishman Review 2015 Poetry Contest.
(2015). Death is a Midnight Runner. Alternating Current Luminaire Award Finalist. (2015). Ode to a Wishing Well. Print Oriented Bastards.