Emeriti Faculty

John Bugge

John Bugge, Professor Emeritus

Phone: 404-417-0754
Email: engjmb@emory.edu


William Chace, Professor Emeritus


Francis Smith Foster, Professor Emerita

Office Hours:

Jonathan Goldberg

Jonathan Goldberg, Professor Emeritus

Email: jonathan.goldberg@emory.edu

Early Modern Literature; Queer Theory; Literary Theory; History of Sexuality and Literary History
Cristine Levenduski

Cristine Levenduski

Walter Reed

Walter Reed, Professor Emeritus

Email: wlreed@emory.edu

Literature of the Romantic period in Britain, with attention to Romanticism in American and European literature; history and theory of the novel--also forms of short prose fiction; genre theory; concepts of personality, authorship and character; poetry and song; histories of the book and of reading; the Bible; Blake; Bakhtin.
Harry Rusche

Harry Rusche, Professor Emeritus

Email: enghr@emory.edu


W. Ronald Schuchard, Professor Emeritus

Email: engrs@emory.edu