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Laura Heath-StoutPost Doctoral Fellow


Laura Heath-Stout is a postdoctoral teaching fellow in the Emory Writing Program, where she teaches first-year writing seminars on the topic of “The Politics of Archaeological Heritage.” She is especially interested in teaching students about the ways archaeology informs modern identities and those identities shape archaeological interpretation. Prior to joining the Emory Writing Program, she worked as a postdoctoral fellow in the Anthropology Department at Rice University (2019–2020), served as an editorial assistant at the Journal of Field Archaeology (2017–2019), lectured at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston (2016­–2019), and taught in the Boston University Writing Program (2015–2017).

Her research focuses on diversity, equity, and knowledge production issues in the discipline of archaeology (and in academia more broadly), from an intersectional feminist perspective. Her work on the demographics of archaeological publication authorship has been published in American Antiquity and the Journal of Field Archaeology and her study (with Elizabeth Hannigan) of the exclusivity of high tuition costs for archaeological field schools was published in Advances in Archaeological Practice. She is currently writing a book, provisionally titled Career Arcs: Identity, Oppression, and Diversity in Archaeology.

Before beginning her work on oppression in archaeology, she studied central Mexican societies from the periods just before and just after the Spanish conquest. She has conducted archaeological research in Mexico, Belize, Ecuador, Spain, and the United States.


  • B.A., Archaeology, Wesleyan University
  • M.A., Archaeology, Boston University
  • Graduate Certificate, Teaching College Writing, Boston University
  • Ph.D., Anthropology (Anthropological Archaeology track), Boston Univ


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 Heath-Stout, Laura E., and Elizabeth M. Hannigan. 2020. “Affording Archaeology: How the Cost of Field School Keeps Archaeology Exclusive.” Advances in Archaeological Practice 8(2): 123–133.

 Heath-Stout, Laura E. 2020. “Editorial Introduction: Gender, Double-Blind Peer Review, and the Demographics of Publication in the Journal of Field Archaeology.” Journal of Field Archaeology 45(3): 135–139.

 Heath-Stout, Laura E. 2019. “Pottery on the Periphery: Contact-Period Ceramics and Regional Integration at La Laguna, Tlaxcala, Mexico.” Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 56: 101088.