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Michael A. ElliottCharles Howard Candler Professor of EnglishDean of Emory College of Arts and Sciences


Michael A. Elliott specializes in the literature and culture of the United States from the mid-nineteenth to early twentieth century, with particular emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches to American cultures and the place of Native Americans in the United States.

His undergraduate teaching runs from courses in the nineteenth-century novel to twentieth-century cultural theory. Elliott's most recent research and graduate teaching revolves around questions of historical representation in the public spaces of the United States.

Elliott is a member of the editorial board of the Norton Anthology of American Literature.


  • B.A., Amherst College
  • Ph.D., Columbia University


  • Custerology: The Enduring Legacy of the Indian Wars and George Armstrong Custer. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2007. Available at Barnes & Noble
  • American Literary Studies: A Methodological Reader. (Co-editor with Claudia Stokes.) New York: New York University Press, 2003.
  • The Culture Concept: Writing and Difference in the Age of Realism. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2002. Critical American Studies Series. Available at Barnes & Noble
  • The Oxford History of the Novel in English, Volume 6: The American Novel, 1870-1940. (Co-editor with Priscilla Wald.) New York: Oxford University Press, 2014.
Custerology: The Enduring Legacy of the Indian Wars and George Armstrong CusterThe Culture Concept: Writing and Difference in the Age of Realism

Selected Articles

  • "Strangely Interested: The Work of Historical Fantasy.” American Literature. 87.1 (2015): 137-157.
  • "Other Times: Herman Melville, Lewis Henry Morgan, and Ethnographic Writing in the Antebellum United States." 49 (2007): 480-503. Criticism.
  • "Indian Patriots on Last Stand Hill." American Quarterly. 58.4 (2006): 987-1015.
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  • "Coyote Comes to the Norton: Indigenous Oral Narrative and National Literary History." American Literature. Vol. 75, no. 4 (2003): 723-749.
  • "Telling the Difference: Nineteenth-Century Legal Narratives of Racial Taxonomy." Law & Social Inquiry. Vol. 24, no. 3 (1999): 611-636.