Graduate Certificate in English

The Graduate Certificate in English is designed for Ph.D. students from other departments who wish to integrate English, American, and/or other Anglophone literatures into their graduate studies. In order to qualify for this certificate, students must declare their interest before their Ph.D. Exams by registering with the English Graduate Coordinator, Clifford Clark. The requirements for the Certificate are as follows:

  • Twenty-four credit hours (six courses) in English. This can include cross-listed courses with other departments. (However, you should take care to keep careful records of English courses you take that might appear on your transcript under the headings of different departments.)
  • An examination in English literary studies in one of the two following ways:
    • For most students, English, American, and/or other Anglophone literatures should be integrated into the student's Ph.D. Exams, with roughly one-third of the reading lists being in literatures of English. This integration will mean that approximately one-third of the reading lists for the exam will come from English, American, and/or Anglophone literatures, and that a similar percentage of questions will address those works. As specified below, at least one member of the examining committee, whether the exam is oral or written, should have an appointment in English. For instance, a student in Comparative Literature might have one of her three reading lists focusing on nineteenth-century American literature, or a student in Women's Studies might focus on gender in the twentieth-century novel for her Qualifying Exam. This option is the preferred one, and should be exercised whenever the student's home department permits it.
    • For those students whose home department has an examination structure that cannot accommodate the inclusion of literary studies in English, the student's adviser in English should devise a stand-alone examination that tests the student's knowledge within the discipline. The examination will involve a reading list of no fewer than twenty-five works; in most cases it will require a written paper (approximately 15 pages) and an oral examination treating the works on the list.
  • The inclusion of at least one faculty member with an appointment (including a joint appointment) in English in the examination and dissertation committees.
  • The student must register for the Certificate in English before his or her Ph.D. exams.
Students who have enrolled in the Certificate in English program must notify the English Graduate Coordinator in the semester before their anticipated graduation, and must complete the certificate requirements checklist.