Recent Dissertations


Gray, Dustin Alva. Novel Silence: The Limits of Articulation in Native American Fiction

Greaves, Margaret Ann. East of Ireland: Ideas of Europe in Postwar British and Irish Poetry 

Kumar, Rebecca. Loose Translations: Shakespeare, Postcoloniality, and Desire


Bishop, Elizabeth Briande. “In the midst of Life, we are in Death”: Melancholia and Ecology in British Romantic Poetry

Colvin, Christina Marie. Uneasy Animals: Encountering Nonhuman Difference in American Literature 1896-Present

Dawson, Brent. The Baseless Fabric: Literary Worlds and Global Relations in English Renaissance Literature

Hilb, Benjamin Thomas. Orson Welles, Shakespeare, and Cultural Authority 

Laville, Claire. Reading to the Test: Character, Method, and Complicity in US Writing from Emerson to Adorno

Louis, Diana Martha. Peculiar Institutions: Representations of Nineteenth-Century Black Women’s Madness and Confinement in Slavery and Asylums

Masse, Guirdex. A Diasporic Encounter: The Politics of Race and Culture at the First International Congress of Black Writers and Artists


Arnsperger, Levin Börries Julian. In the Shadow of the Plot: Representations of Muslim Terrorists in 9/11 Literature

Chen, Amy Hildreth. Archival Bodies: Twentieth Century British, Irish, and American Literary Collections

Doubler, Catherine Elizabeth. Muscular Bodies and Formations of Masculinity and Impairment in Shakespearean Drama

McCarthy, Maureen Terese. Nuclear Alternatives: Interracial and Queer Families in American Literature, 1840-1905

Peck, John Mitchell. Spectral  Artifacts: Natural Supernaturalism and Commodity Fetishism in Romantic Literature

Risam, Roopika. Beyond the Color Line: W.E.B. Du Bois and Postcolonial Studies


Chase, Elizabeth Anne. Counting the Dead "As One" and "One Again" in the Fiction of Twentieth-Century Irish Women Novelists

Dunbar, Jessie LaFrance. Democracy, Diaspora, and Disillusionment: Black Itinerancy and the Propaganda Wars

Hanggti, Kathleen Marie. Governing Intimacy: The Politics of Love in African Fiction

Hawkins, Keme L. Africa Persists: The Transformative Powers of Jazz, Blues, Samba, and Bossa Nova

Heil, Jennifer Lynn. The American Columbus: Geography, Chronology, and the Historical Imagination in Nineteenth-Century Literature

Matthews, Lauren Holt. Lyric Relations: Poetic Intersubjectivity in the Long Eighteenth Century

McCulloch, Christine Marie. "A Profane Miracle": Modernity and the Accident in American Literature and Film, 1925-1934


Hipp, Shannon Crunk. Eliot among the Women

Kader, Emily Love. Surviving Folklore: Transnational Irish Folk Traditions and the Politics of Genre

Leavell, Lori Ann. Imagining a Future South: David Walker's Appeal and Antebellum American Literature

Maxwell, Lynn Meghan. Wax Figures and Forms in Early Modern Literature

Miles, Michelle Raelene. All the Dead Voices: Communicating across the Grave in Contemporary Northern Irish Poetry

Wendt, Kerry Higgins. The Epigraphic Character: Fiction and Metafiction in the Twentieth-Century Novel


Brady, Jennifer Lynn. Directed Reading, Directed Writing: Sentimental Exchanges in the Antebellum United States

Giannini, Nicholas Dessau. Homeland (In)security: Terminal Masculinity and the Specter of 9/11

Green, Kim Denitria. "To Be Black and 'At Home'": Movement, Freedom, and Belonging in African American and African Canadian Literatures

Kress, Simon Burr. Hurt into Poetry: The Politics of Sentiment in Northern Irish Poetry, 1966-1998

Middleton, Irene Jane. Audience Communities: Early Modern Desire in Post-1956 British Performance

Muneal, Marc J. Novel Chiaroscuro: Inspired Blackness in the Mid-Victorian Novel

Schiff, Sarah Eden. Word of Myth: Critical Stories in Minority American Literature


Hughes, Jennifer Ann. Telling Laughter: Hilarity and Democracy in the Nineteenth-Century United States

Sells, Erin D. 24: The Story of a Day in Modernism


Bowser, Rachel. The Subject of Surfaces in Victorian Fiction

Callaghan, Jennefer Fae. Spectral Realism: The Ghost Stories of William Dean Howells, Henry James, and Sarah Orne Jewett

Carter, Mary J. The Politics of Walking in the Long Eighteenth Century

Crowther, Kathryn Elizabeth. Textual Relics: Authorship, Materiality, and Literary Commodification in the Victorian Novel

Croxall, Brian. Discourse Accidents: Technology within the Stories of Trauma

Mastroianni, Dominic Bruno. Secrets of American Romanticism: The Politics and Ethics of Separation

Peterson, Sarah Aloe. Poetic Visions: The Visual in Nineteenth-Century Poetry

Rule, Lauren A. Romantic Revisions: Novels of the Americas De-Scribing Empire

Schneider, Lisa J. Poetics of Self-Love: Autoerotic Desire in American Verse


Bowie, Rian Elizabeth. Is there a Woman in the Text? The Black Press and the Emergence of Organized Black Womanhood, 1827-1900

Christie, Tara M. Modernism, the Metaphysical Poets, and the First World War

Gunn, Michelle Wallace. Talking Trash: Grotesque Realism and the Poor White in Twentieth-Century Southern Fiction

Hobgood, Allison Pavlenda. Affecting Passions on the Stage: Audience, Emotions, and Early Modern Drama

Morris, Susana Maye. Reclaiming Mother's Body: Narratives of Transformation in African American and African Caribbean Women's Literature, 1970-2005

Randall, Kelli Vastelle. Depictions of Marriage: Fictions of Race and Gender in the Age of Realism

Schessler, Steven Joseph. The Craft of Confession: Pain, Temporality, and Mental Illness in the Rise of American Autobiographical Poetry

Shahani, Gitanjali G. Things Rich and Strange: Economics of Encounter and Exchange in Early Modern Drama

Yusin, Jennifer Denise. From the Borders of Partition: Trauma, Ethics, and Testimony


Craton, Lillian Emma. Old Bodied: Physical Difference and Ideology in Nineteenth-Century Fiction

Davis, LaRose Marie. Weaving Wisps of Narrative: Intersections in African American and Native American Literary Traditions from 1965-2000

Elliott, Rosslyn Fay. Other Worlds: Christianity, Conjure, and Dialogue in American Literary Realism

Erney, Hans-Georg. Modernity and Globalization in Contemporary Literature: A Postcolonial-Ecocritical Approach

Koeser, Rebecca Sutton. Nonlinearity and Incarnation in T.S. Eliot's Four Quartets and Susan Howe's "The Noncomformist's Memorial"

Prestwich, Natalie Katerina. Surface Poetics: Ornamentation and Liquefaction in Robert Herrick's Hesperides


Crescenzo, Michele. Reading Women Reading: Literacy and the Consciousness in Four American Novels

Goss, Erin Marina. Excessive Encounters: The Language of Revelation in Nineteenth-Century Literature

Vilmer, Christopher Stephen. Samuel Johnson and the Chronotope of Satire


Behrman, Mary Davy. Chaucer, Gower, and the Vox Populi: Interpretation and the Common Profit in the Canterbury Tales and Confessio Amantis

Bowles, Emily Sue. Empire Lost: Unstable Terms in the Language of Female Sexuality, Political Conquest, and Literary Authority, 1660-1765

Brown-Wheeler, Karen Elisabeth. Belated Travelers and Posthumous Children: Phantoms of Romanticism in Victorian Literature

Cuda, Anthony Joseph. The Hidden Soul in W.B. Yeats and T.S. Eliot

De Silva, Jean. Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan, and Pulp Fiction: The Making of Modern American Manhood

Ellison, Katherine. After the Fatal News Arrived: Information Delivery and the Eighteenth-Century Media State

Farr, Erika Leigh. Spatial Speculations: The Poetics of Place in Renaissance Verse

Redwine, Elizabeth Brewer. Written for Her to Act: Female Characters and Theatrical Collaboration in the Plays of Yeats and Synge

Stalker, Robert. The Vast Fatigue: Victorian Literature and the Pleasures of Exhaustion


Bixby, Patrick W.  Unmapping Ireland: Samuel Beckett and the Postcolonial Novel

Campbell, Ann.  Left to the Freedom of Her Choice: Depictions of the Marriage Market in the British Courtship Novel, 1750-1790

Corcoran, Brendan W.  Ships of Death: The Elegiac Poetics of Seamus Heaney, Derek Mahon, and Michael Longley

Erben, Patrick M.  Writing and Reading a "New English World": Literacy, Multilingualism, and the Formation of Community in Early America

Jeffries, Laura. Writing the Life of Margery: Generic Identities, Hagiographic Conventions, and The Book of Margery Kempe

Koehler, Margaret. Scriblerian Intellectual Scenes

Lilly, Thomas H. Contexts of Reception and Interpretation of the United States Serializations of Uncle Tom's Cabin (1851-1852) and Bleak House (1852-1853)

Massey, Jeffry Allen. Corpus Lupi: The Medieval Werewolf and Popular Theology

McCoy, Sharon.  Against the Current: Class, Race, Morality and the Limits of Love in Huckleberry Finn and Beyond

Pozorski, Aimee L. Figures of Infanticide: Traumatic Modernity and the Inaudible Cry

Sands, Lisa Calgaard. Fictional Transformations: Educating White Middle-Class Women and African Americans, 1865-1900


Drummond, Gavin Morgan. The Poetics of Distance in Northern Irish Poetry

Garnier, Caroline. Women and Trauma in William Faulkner's Fiction

Hebbar, Reshmi J. Disorderly Thinking, Model Conduct: Ethnic Heroine Construction in Twentieth-Century African and Asian American Women's Fiction

Jones, Jason B. Histories of the Real: Aesthetics and Historiography in the Victorian Novel

Manora, Yolanda M. A Someone Like the Dreamer: Relationship, Community, and Consciousness in Twentieth-Century African American Women's Novels

Newell, Carol Elena. Women Folk and the Landscape of Modernism: The Novels of Elizabeth Madox Roberts, Julia Peterkin, and Zora Neale Hurston

Rackley, Elizabeth. Imagining the Rustic Child in the British Romantic Period

Wandless, William H. Fifty Deviations From a Straight Line: Narrative Form and the Eighteenth-Century English Novel


Cliff, Brian Francis. Communities of Difference in Contemporary Irish Literature: Paul Muldoon, Frank McGuinness, and Patrick McCabe

Ellis, Scott Patrick. Fictional Privacy and Private Fictions: The Developing Discourse of Fiction in the Early American Republic

Sarvé-Gorham, Kristan. Answering the Western: The Frontier Myth in American Indian Fiction

Toland-Dix, Shirly Dyann. To Tell Their Own Stories: Transformations of Narrative Form by Caribbean Women Novelists

West, Peter Harold. Fictions of Authenticity: Antebellum Literature and the Informational Reader


Baggett, Jeffrey S. Celticism, Orientalism, and Irish Identity, 1829-1916: Ferguson, Mangan, and Yeats

Engle, Anna Elisabeth. Imagined Evangelical Communities: Conversion Literature and the Construction of Identity in Nineteenth-Century America

Jackson, Cassandra. "Barriers Between Us": Mulatto Figures in Nineteenth-Century American Fiction

King, Patricia Grace. The Autobiographical Witness: American Women Writers and the Spanish Civil War

Lacey, Karen O'Neill. Women's Rites: Strategies of Signifying Loss in Eudora Welty's Narratives

Miles, Diana Frances. Women, Violence, and Testimony in the Works of Zora Neale Hurston

Poremski, Karen Michele. Liminal Captivities: Manipulations of Race and Genre in Literature of the Early Republic

Rabin, Jessica G. Surviving the Crossing: (Im)migration, Ethnicity, and Gender in Transnational America

Taft, Vickie Lynn. Body Matters: Victorian Representations of Elizabeth I