The English Department Welcomes Alonda Simms

Staff Writer: Sarah Salarano
7 Nov. 2017

Last month, the English Department welcomed a new staff member, Alonda Simms, to the team. Alonda is the new Finance Coordinator in charge of processing and reporting financial transactions within the English Department.

“I’m glad to be continuing my career here at Emory,” Alonda said of her new position. Though she’s a fresh face amongst the English Department, Alonda has been working at Emory for the past 13 years. She grew up in Chicago, Illinois before moving to Atlanta in 1996 and started working at Emory’s School of Medicine shortly afterwards. “So I guess I’m a peach now!” she proudly exclaimed.

Alonda’s previous job at the School of Medicine was also in finance, and it included several of the same elements as her current job. Alonda looks forward to some new things as well, such as delving further into the reporting aspect of accounting. Above all, Alonda is most excited to learn about the different segments that work together to make up the English Department.

One of Alonda’s favorite things about working at Emory is definitely the campus environment. “It’s always good when I go out and see students getting an education,” said Alonda. Enjoying the beautiful campus is one of the many reasons she loves working at Emory.

When Alonda’s not at work, one of her main hobbies is roller-skating. Throughout the week, she dedicates time to skate for leisure at local rinks. “It’s a good way to do cardiovascular exercise, in addition to walking around campus,” Alonda said. Alonda also enjoys reading inspiring literature. Her favorites include poetry by Langston Hughes, and Of Water and the Spirit by Malidoma Somé, a story about a Burkinabé man who struggles to integrate back into his native tribe after years of western influence. “It’s inspirational - his initiation back into his tribe,” notes Alonda.

Alonda loves to do volunteer work and always participates in Volunteer Emory each year during staff fest. She also volunteers throughout metro Atlanta at places like the Atlanta Community Food Bank, Covenant House of Georgia, and the Global Soap Project just to name a few.

With her friendly demeanor and hard work, Alonda is a perfect fit for the English Department. She is a wonderful and skilled staff member, and we look forward to the years ahead with her. Alonda loves being a team player, and the English Department is very excited to have her join our team.