Loose Canons is Back

Staff Writer: Monet Timmons
29 Sept. 2016

Have you ever searched for an opportunity to share your work or get updates on the English Department at Emory? Loose Canons, a returning platform to Emory University's English Department, can make that possible.

Several years ago, directors of the English Department created Loose Canons as a newsletter to inform students, alumni and faculty about the accomplishments of professors as well as former English majors who graduated. The department mailed the newsletter out once a month to former students. Unfortunately, however, the newsletter came to an end.

"It became expensive to print and mail it," explains English professor Dr. James Morey.

Yet, with the beginning of a new school year, Eric Canosa, Undergraduate Program Coordinator in the English Department, hopes to revive Loose Canons along with work study students in the English Department. However, this time, instead of mailing the newsletter out, the team will publish the newsletter as a blog with interactive features on social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram.

"It's important to bring Loose Canons back because so many great things are happening in the English Department," says Eric Canosa. "Our students, faculty, and alumni are doing amazing work, and Loose Canons gives us a way to share that work with the wider community."

"It will be fun to see what other students share on social media,” says Emory senior and work-study student, Stefanie Ebo. “I’m hoping the interviews with students and alumni will inspire me to explore different options for my career after I graduate."

Stefanie is one of the four work study students in the English Department who will take on the task of running Loose Canons this school year. Others include junior John Van Duyn, sophomore Christell Roach, and Monet Timmons a junior in the college. Although each student is an English major, each student holds different interests in literature and writing.

Due to her love of poetry, Christell, a Creative Writing major, loves to "be able to create images with words." While others, like Monet, tend to focus on novels and narratives of African Americans.

Loose Canons offers more than just an opportunity for work-study students to publish articles. We hope to hear from students of all majors who enjoy writing, whether it is poetry, prose, or a short story, we hope to get your voice out to the Emory community. Additionally, we want to highlight the accomplishments of our graduate students, alumni and professors since they are constantly doing great work.

We hope you’ll keep your eye out for our next article! While you wait, head over to Facebook and like the “Emory Loose Canons” page to get all our updates!